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Behaviour management

C.A.R.E. - our Code of behaviour

The Tingalpa State School Community C.A.R.E. Code of Behaviour is something we want everyone in our community to remember, understand and use every day. It is based around one word and 4 simple rules: 

What is the purpose of C.A.R.E?

Our school reflects the values and beliefs of the Tingalpa community. The Tingalpa community functions under a variety of social, moral, ethical and legal rules. It is the job of the Tingalpa SS community to ensure that these rules are understood and used by our children to prepare them to become future community members.

Why have only four school rules?

The problem with rules is that you can always make more of them. When you have too many rules people get confused and give up. We need a simple common language so that all of us are talking about the same thing.

How does C.A.R.E. cover everything?

These words are a way of remembering to behave in a manner acceptable in the Tingalpa State School Community. They are a way for community members to discuss appropriate and inappropriate behaviour using common words.

C.A.R.E. - High Five

The High 5 can help when someone else is not showing CARE.  Using these five strategies helps anyone (young or old) to deal with uncomfortable or even threatening situations.

Talk Friendly:

Ask the person nicely to stop. He/she may not know they are being hurtful.

Talk Firmly:

Tell him/her to stop in a serious voice something like:Stop it, I don't like it!

Ignore the person:

He/she needs to know that you will not respond to hurtful behaviour.

Walk away:

Go to where adults will see the person’s hurtful behaviour.

Report to an adult:

If the person will not stop then it is time to tell a staff member.