Tingalpa State School French Bilingual Program


​​​​​​​​​​In 2015, Tingalpa State School implemented a new and exciting initiative. A French- Australian Bilingual program was introduced. This program has the support of Department of Education and Training and the French Ministry of Education via the French Embassy in Canberra.

2017 was a major shift for our program as Education Queensland and French Embassy at Canberra agreed to sign a partnership that led to an AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) accreditation for the French Bilingual Program, for the levels from Prep to currently Year 3. We are the only school in Queensland to achieve the AEFE accreditation and to implement a harmonised French and Australian Curriculum.

Bilingualism has proved steady records of higher academic performances as well as greater personal skills that can be used in various domains of life, not being restricted to the school field. Bilingual students do better at standardised test, go further in their tertiary studies and earn higher income once in the work force than monolingual people. They're also more likely to move further for work opportunities, etc.

Tingalpa State School - French Bilingual Program​​​

  • Only QLD French program and QLD Excellence program.
  • 80% of French curriculum taught in French, 20% ACARA taught in English (Prep to Year 2), bridges between curricula, languages and cultures.
  • Is part of AEFE Asia-Pacific zone
  • Is part of AEFE​

Eligibility Criteria for Enrolment in French Bilingual Program​​

​View the Eligibility Criteria PDF(158KB​)

If you believe the French Bilingual Program is an interest to your family for the education of your child, and if you have the correct documents, please see our Enrolments page for more information on the enrolment process.

 Information on the AEFE network

To learn more about the enrolment / waitlist process, visit the Enrolling at our school page.

French Bilingual Program - Ratio and subjects

BOEN = Bulletin Officiel de l'Education Nationale = French Education Official Instructions​
​AC Australian Curriculum ​

Students work with two teachers: one teacher instructs in English on the 'English' day and the other instructs in French on the 'French' days.​​​

The students in the bilingual class experience a harmonisation of the French National Curriculum from the BOEN (Bulletin Officiel de l'Education Nationale = French Education Official Instructions) with our Australian Curriculum. Assessments in French are aligned with the French requirements and assessments in English with the Australian Curriculum requirements. Families receive an Australian Report card, a French Livret Scolaire Unique is available on request.​ French trained, native French speaking teachers have been recruited to work alongside our Australian teachers on this innovative program. All teachers are also required to be registered with Queensland College of Teachers.

Channel 9 News

On 9 March the French Bilingual Program was featured on Channel 9 News in a story on languages being taught in Queensland Schools. The story can be found on the Channel 9 website

View the Tingalpa French-English Bilingual Program Film.​​

Last reviewed 22 September 2021
Last updated 22 September 2021