Mission and values


Our Vision


Complex Thinkers -  Resilient -  Adaptive Global Citizens



Our Mission

Strive to Excel

We encourage students to work toward individual and collective goals.

Caring Community

We help students contribute to the community’s future by providing them with a positive, caring environment

 Our Values

 Cooperation - Work together and encourage others

 Attitude - Be honest and act positively

 Respect - Respect People, property and the environment

 Effort - Do your best and be responsible for your actions

Our History

Established on the 1st of August 1873, Tingalpa State School is one of the oldest schools in the Bayside area. It has proudly served the community of Tingalpa for 140 years. Many parents and grandparents of current students were once themselves members of Tingalpa State School and research has shown that the motto 'Strive to Excel'  along with the Tingalpa State School crest is recognised by the Tingalpa community as symbolising the history and proud heritage of Tingalpa State School and its community.

While the school crest and motto provides a link to Tingalpa’s past the words “Strive to Excel” are as relevant today as they have ever been.  These words create a vision of working diligently to achieve a set goal. It is this notion of working to achieve, fulfilling potential and/or being the best person possible that makes Tingalpa’s 'Strive to Excel' a motto for life far beyond the primary school years.

Students will find that striving to excel is not simple. They need to build their skills, knowledge, values and confidence in an environment that both challenges them in their learning and supports them in their efforts to improve. To complement the school motto Tingalpa State School employs a slogan that explains how the school and its community can create an environment where Tingalpa students can strive to excel at school and in life now and into the future.

The slogan 'Learning for life in a caring community' accompanies the tree symbol.
This symbol is a stylised version of the trees found in the playground. This tree represents the beauty of school’s grounds and gardens and also the natural beauty of the Tingalpa area itself. The word 'Tingalpa' is a local Aboriginal term meaning 'place of fat (plenty)' or 'place of the fat kangaroo. Fortunately Tingalpa still has beautiful parks and bushland so Tingalpa’s meaning is still accurate today. Tingalpa prides itself on being a 'caring community' one where people value each other and their environment. The tree is a symbol of our physical environment as well as a symbol for the growth of our children and their learning.

The tree also represents personal growth. 'Learning for life' involves student growth over time. As the tree grows and matures so to do Tingalpa students through their learning experiences. Tingalpa State School provides a challenging and engaging teaching and learning program to meet the needs of all its students. The attributes of life long learning is at the heart of this. The Tingalpa community wants its students to continue their own learning pathways far beyond formal schooling. Together the school and community can equip students with the necessary life and learning tools to be life long learners.

Tingalpa State School’s 'Strive to Excel' motto and 'Learning for life in a caring community' slogan along with their accompanying symbols, combine to create a mission and purpose that is easy to use, remember and relate to. 



Last reviewed 29 April 2021
Last updated 29 April 2021